SAY YES TO VIRTUAL THERAPY: In this time of COVID-19 it is so important that we stay connected-to our family, our friends, our community, our work, and most importantly to our partner. They are our biggest resource when our systems are in distress and we feel unsafe. Please reach out if you need help with your relationship at this time. I believe deeply in the efficacy of virtual therapy and have ample experience to trust that it is just as helpful as in person. Don’t suffer alone at this time. Find your partner again, it’s imperative to our mental well-being and physical health.

When and why is it time to call a therapist to help your relationship? Being part of a distressed and disconnected partnership is very hard on both people. It often produces feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and hopelessness. Couples often get stuck in negative emotional and behavioral patterns or cycles and possibly without assistance they cannot get to a connected place. If you are feeling any or all of these difficult feelings Emotionally Focused therapy (EFT) can help you and your relationship.

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy? EFT is a model for couples therapy (which can also be used with families and individuals) that helps identify the stuck places and patterns and invites both partners to become aware of what is actually happening on a deeper emotional level in those moments of fighting, silence, or disconnection. Couples are not usually upset about the content of the fight/conflict (laundry, children, money, sex, etc.) but rather the emotional experiences they are having in those moments. When the cycles are identified the clients work with the therapist to practice and integrate a new more connected pattern of interaction.

Does it work? EFT is one of the most effective forms of couples therapy. The research shows that it is more effective than typical couples therapy. To read more visit http://www.iceeft.com. Please read client testimonials for their experiences. I do this model of therapy because it works! Please contact me if you are ready to take that next step to heal your relationship, whether it needs a major overhaul or just a tune-up.