Individual Therapy

Why to initiate individual therapy? There are many reasons to begin therapy, but typically people come to see me when they are feeling stuck in old and/or unhealthy patterns, old or new trauma, or when life’s challenges feel overwhelming. We can collaborate to find new ways to look at stuck places that are internal (emotional, trauma, destructive thoughts, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.) and/or external (relationships, work, financial, etc.).

One of the ways that I understand and organize the internal/emotional world is by seeing ourselves as comprised of many different parts (think about the movie “Inside Out” or how you say things like, “well, a part of me wants to eat that food and another part of me doesn’t want to”). This model is called Internal Family Systems. This way of seeing ourselves is incredibly helpful when struggling with parts that feel outside of our control, outside of our rational mind, and parts that are in conflict with each other (the devil and the angel). For example, when I am working with eating disorders we can see these symptoms as “parts” which allows us to get to know these parts and why they are working so hard to protect us from feeling pain or hurt. It opens a new way to access a pathway into the spaces that feel mysterious, scary or unchangeable.

I use my training and my experience to create a tailored treatment approach to match each person’s needs and goals. I believe when one is feeling safe, comfortable, connected , and supported they can move around in emotional and/or cognitive stuck places allowing them to be more flexible and to feel more hopeful.

Benefits of good therapy:

-Feel and be more confident

-old patterns are replaced by new healthier patterns

-Healthy coping skills

-Resolve and heal old childhood issues/trauma

-Move through a life transition

-Connect to more joy in your life

-Improve relationships and communication skills

-Find effective ways to identify and advocate needs

-Process emotions around grief, loss, illness, and divorce

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